24 Care

Country: Romania

Solutions: Mobile app

The 24 Care project is the brainchild of a Romanian doctor from one of Bucharest’s foremost pediatric hospitals. He noticed that patients often struggle to visit their doctors for the interpretation of sometimes critical lab work or follow-up checks for various conditions. This is especially true for patients leaving outside of easy commuting range, especially when they need to group multiple appointments. It is in this context that eJump received the task of developing a complex healthcare app that allows a full range of medical services to be provided remotely.

24 CarePage Website

To facilitate distance medicine, a mobile app was developed and a team of doctors was recruited. A kit which includes a phone containing a pre-installed 24Care app and 4 medical devices (EKG device, spirometer, glucometer and oximeter) which can relay medical data to doctors via the phone. A team of doctors ensures the expertise for project-related activities, interpretig data and communicating with patients. An in-app communication system is available, which also has a video function enabling direct communication between doctors and patients. One last feature includes a document uploading function, enabling prescriptions and medical letters to be uploaded, for instance. The app enables doctors to offer a full range of services and is useful for monitoring health without going through the often convoluted process and long waiting times associated with face-to-face appointments. As clinics get increasingly crowded, and as an ever more mobile population is out of quick-access range for many medical services, e-medicine and distance medical services are an expanding market and serve a growing social function.

  • Document uploading function
  • In-app communication system
  • Health monitoring support

What does the client say about our work.

“Online medical services are a very serious affair. People will want to make sure that they can access their doctor with ease, and that the platform they use is always available. Going with eJump was a good choice and they delivered a solid product.”

24 Care

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