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Far from being empty words, these values are the pillars of our evaluation system. This means we expect every eJumper to behave in a way that facilitates an outstanding experience for the rest of the team, while also being a valuable team member. We expect every eJumper to display respect at all times, to be enthusiastic about their work and to communicate often and in an efficient manner.



Country: Romania

Autonom is the most extensive mobility network in Romania and a major player in the SE European region. It offers various transport and car rental solutions to their clients, through over 40 agencies opened in more than 30 cities in Romania and Hungary.



Country: Romania

CarCentric is an enabler for car-based mobility which aims to make the management of automotive fleets easier.



Country: Romania

Today, sustainability is no longer just a buzzword; it’s a commitment—a commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic resilience. It’s about ensuring that our present actions pave the way for a prosperous and thriving future for generations to come.



Country: UK

As one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world, Faurecia is a big player by any metric. Present in 35 countries, Faurecia is a major promoter of innovative technologies, employed in fields that range from automotive seating and emissions control technologies to interior systems

Prime Kapital-portfolio

Prime Kapital

Country: Romania

Real estate is one of the key growth engines of the Romanian economy. The post-crisis years have seen a boom in both construction and sales, with new construction booming in a few dynamic cities that are attracting talented workers as much as families and expats.



Country: Romania

The past few decades have seen an accelerated integration of the global economy, spearheaded by a logistics revolution centered on a liberalized maritime shipping sector, in-time deliveries, digital management of procurements and other innovations.



Country: UK

Dashcams, far from being just a whimsical tool that have enabled the emergence of “crazy Russian driving videos” as a sort of social media genre, have become an important tool in road safety.



Country: Romania

SPLM company is one of eJump’s most innovative clients. Our cooperation started when their founder came to us with a novel idea on making carwashes simple and convenient.



Country: UK

The advent of the Internet has enriched communication for businesses as well as individuals. Increasingly, people rely on the use of images (ranging from emoticons to memes to sharing self-made pictures) and videos to convey messages and meaning.



Country: Romania

The 24 Care project is the brainchild of a Romanian doctor from one of Bucharest’s foremost pediatric hospitals. He noticed that patients often struggle to visit their doctors for the interpretation of sometimes critical lab work or follow-up checks for various conditions



Country: Romania

Arpo, based on a popular YouTube video series featuring a robot babysitter, is an animated tv show and mobile game for children aged 3 to 7 that uses humour to engage kinds in a series of online adventures. It does not use dialogue, and as such can be used by kids speaking any given language.


Autonom Drive

Country: Romania

Autonom is the most extensive automobile mobility network in Romania and a major player in the SE European region. It offers various transport and car rental solutions to their clients, with its fleet topping 12.000 vehicles.



Country: Romania

Budureasca is a Romanian premium wine brand. A winner of numerous prestigious awards, it aims to share its story with the wider world. This implies the creation of an online identity that adequately reflects the mix of old world world traditions and new age winemaking techniques.



Country: Romania

Most people hate paperwork. And cars, on top of fuel and insurance costs, involve a lot of it. GT Motive decided to develop an app aimed at saving car owners in Romania useless trips to various public institutions.


Dino Parc

Agency: Conan PR

Country: Romania

When fun gets a digital transformation, things get really interesting. That was the case of – the online platform for the largest dinosaur themed park in South-Eastern Europe – Râșnov’s Dino Parc.

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